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Race Officer

 The HKSF provides training for those who wish to volunteer to help run and organise races and regattas by becoming Race Officers. The Race Management courses provide a structured approach to learning the basics to become Race Officers capable of conducting consistent, fair and safe club racing through to advanced principles to deliver Championship racing.

If you are interested in supporting our sport and becoming a Race Officer please get in touch.

HKSF Level 1 Race Officer Course

This entry level course equips individuals with the knowledge to become a Club Race Officer (CRO) and be able to deliver racing on a single club race course and utilise best practice at local sailing events

  • Students who have completed the theory course in Club Race Management Course can download the Student Record Sheet (pdf) and log practice experience.
  • Once the the conditions of accreditation as stated in the form, the students can send the Student Record Sheets to HKSF Office for the issue of a certificate.

HKSF Level 1 Race Officer Training Course Notice (Updated April 19, 2021) 


National Race Officer Programme

This programme is aimed at educating individuals to be a National Race Officers (NRO) at National level events, well equipped to consult with Organising Authorities and Class Associations ahead of events to review race documents and procedures. 

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Race Management Work Group

The main objectives of the Race Management Work Group’s (RMWG)  are:

  • to support member clubs and organisations in respect of race management training
  • to develop, support and certify race officers within Hong Kong
  • to maintain the training and testing programs for certification
  • to assist communication between the members clubs and associations and the HKSF recognised Race Officers

Click to view the Terms of Reference of HKSF Race Management Work Group

The RMWG comprises of a maximum 8 members.  Below is the list of members of the RMWG from 2 March 2020. 

Dave Norton (Chairperson)
Lesley Anderson
Andrew Blank
Bonnie Cheng
Inge Strompf-Jepsen
Barry Truhol
Ken Wong
Lucy Sutro