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All Dinghy Instructor Certificates are valid for five years from the date of issue. The revalidation courses are designed to provide new sailing skills and updates for instructors to strengthen their instructional technique and to provide periodic assessment so as to maintain the standard of teaching.

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HKSF Instructor Revalidation Course / HKSF Senior Instructor Revalidation Course

For full details of the revalidation process, please refer to the HKSF Syllabus and Logbook for Dinghy Instructors Scheme published in 2008.

Course Details

Please refer to the Dinghy Instructor Handbook for course Details

Dinghy Instructors: 2 Days
Senior Dinghy Instructors: 2 Days


  1. Candidates must be valid HKSF Dinghy Instructors / Senior Dinghy Instructors whose certificate will expire within one year; OR
  2. Ex-HKSF Instructors /Senior Instructors whose certificates have expired for 5 years or less; OR
  3. Those who hold a valid Dinghy Instructor /Senior Dinghy Instructors Certificate issued by other Member National Authority or ISAF and wish to apply for an HKSF certificate

15 – 16 Sep 2022
5 – 6 Dec 2022
2 – 3 Mar 2023

Note: Notice and enrolment form will be available here three weeks before the program.