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13/10/2021 Laser Radial ex-worlds 2018 for sale Gregoire:
Fully battens, excellent condition and used only until mid 2019 (HK Race Week, FOS and Hebe Regatta).

FOR SALE – LASER BOAT (CLASSIC) – Perfect Condition (3-4 years) – HK$17,000
Location: – Little Palm Tree Sailing Club (Clearwater Bay)
Contact: Robert on Mobile/WhatsApp +852 9304 6699

– With one new full-size rig/sail 5.76m and mast (Standard)
– Plus spare 4.7 sail and mast piece
– Brand new boat cover
– Trolley
– Carbon Tiller/Extension
– Dagger board / rudder, racing downhauls, fully fitted.


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