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Hong Kong
Performance Numbers

The Hong Kong Performance Number (HKPN) is a performance-based handicap scheme for sailing yachts administered by the HKPN Committee under the authority of the Sailing Federation of Hong Kong, China (HKSF). The aims of the handicap scheme are threefold:

  • To reward the yacht that performs the best relative to her prior performance.
  • To provide handicapping that encourages participation in racing.
  • To promote sportsmanship and fair racing at all levels.

Changes to HKPN in 2023-24


This is the HKSF list of handicaps to be used for racing. If a handicap list is published separately for a specific race or series, it should only be used to calculate results for that event.


New HKPNs are obtained by submitting the HKPN Application Form and PIPS Declaration Form (as required) via email: [email protected]. Multi-hulls and yachts with minimal or no published performance data (e.g. classic yachts or those of limited production) may be requested to submit further information and/or photos.

An administration fee of HK$200 is charged.


Any yacht owner may apply for a handicap. Applicants need not be members of a yacht club or sailing association.


The HKPN scheme is for use by any Organising Authority (OA) conducting racing in Hong Kong waters and by OAs of overseas events by prior arrangement.

More information on New Handicaps

New Handicaps

A new HKPN is determined by:

    • reference to existing rating schemes or
    • reference to a yacht’s previous race results or
    • comparison with other yachts on the HKPN list

New HKPNs are issued assuming that a yacht is reasonably well sailed and prepared. If these two criteria are not met, a new HKPN may seem slightly harsh. Once a yacht starts racing, her HKPN will quickly change to match her actual performance. A new HKPN takes no account of crew experience and is based on a yacht’s potential performance.

A base handicap of 1150 shall apply for the first race entered on a J80 by any skipper.

Reference to existing rating schemes.

New HKPNs may be determined by reference to a rating typical for a yacht under rating schemes such as IRC, Echo, PHRF or the RYA National Handicap for Cruisers.

INITIAL HKPN = 1000 / (TCF x F Factor)















TCF = Time Correction Factor. TCF (converted from PHRF) = 650 / (550 + PHRF)

Reference to a yacht’s previous race results.

If a yacht has already raced, previous race times may be used to determine her HKPN.

Comparison with other yachts on the HKPN list.

For yachts with little or no performance data such as classic yachts or multi-hulls the judgment of the HKPN Committee will determine a new HKPN.

Club-owned or club Co-owned J80s

Club-owned or club co-owned J80s

  • A base handicap of  1150 shall apply for the first race entered on a J80 by any skipper.
  • The handicap of any such skipper will then be adjusted according to performance and will appear as an individual handicap for that skipper at the end of the HKPN list.
  • The skipper does not necessarily have to helm.
  • Skippers shall inform the Organising Authority (OA) of their name before each race. This may be achieved by hailing the committee boat and advising the Race Officer if not already achieved through race entry.
  • If no skipper’s name is given to the OA before a race, the base handicap will apply for that race.
  • An OA shall specify in a Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions what conditions apply to club-owned or club co-owned J80s for entry into a race series.

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