9 RACING 9 Cariad Trophy


For the fastest time around Hong Kong Island

Cariad Trophy for Yacht

donated by Reg Maynard (1976)

Cariad Trophy for Mono-hull

donated by Paul Zimmerman (2014)

The Cariad Trophy is for the fastest elapsed time around Hong Kong Island by any sailing yacht. The term yacht shall mean any sailing craft including, but not limited to, cruiser, keelboat, dinghy, multihull or windsurfer. It is not a race and may be competed for at any time. All times for a record attempt shall be recorded by a shore based approved timekeeper.

(The Federation announced that there will be two separate Cariad Trophies effective 1 November 2014 – one for the fastest yacht around the island and one for the fastest monohull around the island – and the list of records has been split in two accordingly.)

Trophy Winners

Boat/Skipper’s Name



Boat Type

Cariad VIII (Reg Maynard)

(Circa 1976)


Contessa 35 – Doug Peterson

Ceil V (William Turnbull)

(Circa 1977)


Miller (Ben Lexen) 48

Uin-na-Mara (Hector Ross)

(Circa 1979)


Supercraft 44-Ed Dubois

La Pantera (C. Ostenfeld)



Contessa 43 – Doug Peterson 42

Defiance (B. Lavoo)



Swan 51 – German Frers

(R. I. Walker)



Hobie 18

(Woody Bliss & Russell West)



Hobie 21

(Woody Bliss & Russell West)



Hobie 21

Force Eight (Dennis Wong Shun Kit, Francis Ong, Paul Zimmerman)



Hobie 21

Aberdeen Extreme 40 (Nick Moloney)



Extreme 40 multihull

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1. General

The Trophy shall be passed from the previous record holder to the new record holder.

Only the natural use of wind and water may be used to increase, maintain or decrease the speed of the yacht. Except for windsurfers, to get clear after grounding or to reduce speed, crew are allowed to adjust sail trim but are not allowed to move their bodies to propel the yacht, such as repeated pulling in and releasing the sail or by vertical or athwartship body movement, repeated rocking of the yacht, sudden forward and abrupt stopping of body movement, repeated helm movement (unless the yacht is above a close-hauled course and stationary or moving slowly and attempting to turn to a close-hauled course) or repeated tacks or gybes unrelated to wind changes or tactical considerations.


2. Course

Around Hong Kong Island including all rocks, islets, etc. connected to Hong Kong Island Mean Low Water Springs, leaving the Island either to port or starboard and starting and finishing at the same line.


3. Start and Finish Lines

(a) The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Kellett Island Club line;

(b) a line bearing 000°T from the light on the northern point of the western breakwater at the entrance to the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter for a distance of 1,000 m from the light;

(c) a line bearing 040°T from Ap Lei Mei Light for a distance of 1,000 m from the light (i.e. between Ap Lei Mei Light and the line joining Buoy LCS 1 and Lamma Patch Buoy);

(d) any other line approved before a record attempt by the approved timekeepers;

except that line (b) may not be used when line (a) is laid.


4. Approved timekeepers

The time for each yacht competing for the record shall be taken by two shore based timekeepers. The following persons shall be approved timekeepers:

(a) Council members and the Secretary General of the Sailing Federation of Hong Kong, China (HKSF);

(b) elected members of the General Committee or Sailing Committee of member associations or member clubs of the HKSF; and

(c) any person appointed an approved timekeeper by two Council members of the HKSF. Such appointment shall be valid on the day of approval and for one month thereafter.


5. Ratification of record claims

The owner or owner’s representative of any yacht claiming a record time shall submit a written claim to the HKSF within 72 hours setting out the following:

(a) name of the yacht and its class;

(b) name of the owner or owner’s representative;

(c) name of all persons aboard the yacht;

(d) name of the timekeepers and the reason for their eligibility;

(e) the date of the record attempt;

(f) the start and finish line and the direction of rounding; and

(g) the start, finish and elapsed times.

This claim shall be signed by the owner or owner’s representative and the timekeepers.

No claim shall be ratified unless the time taken is less than the existing record by at least 5 seconds.

Timekeeping and record claims may be maintained at the offices of HKSF.


6. Responsibilities

It is the sole responsibility of the skipper/owner of a yacht to decide whether to start or once started, whether to continue to compete for the record. The skipper must comply with all laws and regulations of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, in particular all relevant Marine and Shipping Ordinances, Marine Department regulations and notices, and International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

Sailing can be dangerous and the HKSF and its member clubs and associations do not accept any liability for loss of life or injury to any person or loss or damage to any vessel resulting out of a record attempt.

7. Amendments

These rules may be amended at any time by the Council of the HKSF.

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