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9 Corporate Governance



Guidelines in Using Sailing Federation of Hong Kong China Logo (Updated in September 2023)
Articles of Association of HKSF (Updated in 2023)
Guidelines on Handling the Playing of the National Anthem and Raising of the Regional Flag for Hong Kong Athletes and Teams Engaging in International Sports Events (Published in June 2023)
Principles of Code of Conduct for Coaches and Sailors Participating Overseas Event (Published in December 2022)
HKSF Committee Booklet 2023 HKSF Policy and Guidelines on Prevention of Sexual Harrasment (Revised in April 2021)
A Guide on Director’s Duties (Companies Registry) (Published in March 2021) HKSF Social Media Policy (Published in April 2021)
HKIoD Symbol of Credit in Director CPD for HKSF (Published in March 2021) HKSF Guidelines on Conflict of Interest (Published in February 2021)
Guide to Corporate Governance for Subvented Organisation (Efficiency Unit HKSAR) (June 2015 Edition) HKSF Policy on Asian Games and Olympic Classes (Published in October 2020)
Best Practice Reference for Governance of National Sports Associations (ICAC) (Published in March 2021) HKSF Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy (Published in April 2021)
HKSF Accounting  Procedures (Effective from April 2015) HKSF Common Code of Conduct (Updated in August 2021)
HKSF Procurement Guidelines & Procedures (Effective from April 2015) HKSF Code of Conduct for Instructors and Coaches (Chinese) (Published in April 2021)
HKSF Code of Practices for Umpires (Published in April 2021) HKSF Sustainability Principles (Published in April 2021)
Anti-Doping Rules from SF&OC HKSAR (Published in March 2018) Code of Equal Opportunities(Published in Septmeber 2021)
HKSF Privacy Statement (Published in April 2021) HKSF Guidelines for Photo and Video Taking in HKSF Events (Published in April 2021)
HKSF Disclaimer and Intellectual Property Rights Notice (Published in May 2021) HKSF Bad Weather Arrangement Recommendations (Published in May 2021)
Guidelines for Protest Hearing Setup with Remote Jury Member(s) HKSF Protocols of Protection of HK Participants in Overseas Events (Covid 19) (Published in June 2021)