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Officials play a key role in the organisation and management of any sailing race or regatta! These officials are largely made up of volunteers who are trained by the HKSF or other national or international bodies. The HKSF provides training and certification programmes for Race Officers, Judges and Umpires from the Club to National level. Officiating is a fun way to volunteer, get involved and contribute to the running of sailing competition.

Event Volunteers are always in high demand! From helping out on site during an event to being a key member of the Organising Committee, there is a role for everyone! Below are descriptions of the key roles.

Race Officials

Race Officials

Race Officers

A Race Officer is ideally an on the water manager who is in charge of running the sailing race. Being a Race Officer places you at the heart of sailing competition. The role requires the ability to perform an entire day on-water, displaying a range of skills such as race equipment preparation, on water race management and monitoring course safety. The RO should have an overview of what is happening around the entire race course and should make decisions such as necessary course changes, postponements etc.


List of Current Race Officers
Name Status Expiry date
Charlie Manzoni IRO 13/07/2020
Barry Truhol NRO 31/08/2021
Brenda Davies NRO 31/08/2019
Cheng Ho Yan Bonnie NRO 29/05/2022
David James Murfin NORTON NRO 31/08/2021
Strompf-Jepsen, Inge NRO 31/08/2021
CHAN Chi Wing Gaston PNRO 30/06/2019
Chong Wing Hong Benjamin PNRO 30/06/2019
DOWDING Mark Richard PNRO 30/06/2019
FUSSING, Bo Mundt PNRO 30/06/2019
KWAN Kwok Wah Patrick PNRO 30/06/2019
Lesley Fiona Anderson PNRO 30/06/2019
LEUNG Sai Yin PNRO 30/06/2019
Li, Jennifer Yuk Kit PNRO 30/06/2019
Suen Hoi Wai PNRO 30/06/2019
Slattery, Nigel Patrick Club 30/06/2019



An Umpire is responsible for making decisions about the rules of sailing when asked to do so by competitors and will be present on the race course to monitor the action during events. Both Match and Team Racing use a system of umpiring, in which penalties are imposed during the race, avoiding, for the most part, the need for conventional protests.

List of Currently Approved National Umpires
Name Status Next renewal date
David Fan IU 2022
Alain Choi Hok Lung NU 31/05/2023


At the core of sailing competition is the Racing Rules of Sailing which all participants abide by. The work of a Judge includes a wide range of services to competitors and race organisers, including the hearing of protests and requests for redress, deciding questions of eligibility and boat measurement compliance, and being present on the water watching for rule infringements.

List of Currently Approved National & Club Judges
Status Name Renewal Dates
IJ Ben Harding
NJ/IJ David Fan 28 Feb 2022
NJ Cathy Delany-Hobbs 30 December 2020
NJ Alain Choi Hok Lung 28 February 2022
NJ Felix Ng 28 February 2022
NJ Lesley Andersen 28 February 2022
NJ Stephen Lam Yick Leung 30 November 2018
NJ Howie Suen
PNJ Howard Yam
PNJ Vivian Ngan
PCJ Ben Chong Wing Hong
PCJ Bonnie Cheng
PCJ David Norton
PCJ Kwan Hoi Ling Michelle
PCJ Ian Fleming
PCJ Ken Ting
PCJ Patrick Kwan
PCJ Peter Hammond
PCJ Tam Nguyen
PCJ Bridget Chan
PCJ Kenny On
PCJ Kenneth Yan Hin Wah
PCJ Wu Chun Nam Raymond
PCJ Chris Pooley

If you are interested in supporting our sport and becoming a Race Officer please get in touch.


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