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9 COURSES 9 Sea Safety & Survival



It is a World Sailing requirement that  at least 30% of a crew including the skipper shall have undertaken the training on safety at sea in order to be eligible for entering offshore races. In order to enable members of the Clubs to obtain the required qualification, the HKSF organises Sea Safety & Survival Courses from time to time.

Successful participants will receive a HKSF certificate that will last for five years before further safety training is necessary. This certificate will be accepted at other regattas where there is such a requirement.

Administration of the HKSF ISAF Sea Safety & Survival course has been outsourced to ASIA Pacific Yachting Ltd. Please click the button below for course details, dates and to book:

For any questions, please email Asia Pacific Yachting: mail@asiapacificyachting.com