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9 Vision and Missions

Vision & Missions

Our Vision:

To be Asia’s Best Sailing National Authority in all aspects.

Our Missions:

  1. To promote the sport and leisure of sailing across all people in Hong Kong.
  2. To foster engagement with all stakeholders.
  3. To develop, execute and support holistic sailing development programs.
  4. To organise and facilitate sailing competitions.
  5. To achieve medal results in regional and international races including the Asian, Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  6. To administer the Racing Rules of Sailing and regulations in Hong Kong.
  7. To provide training and development path on Judges, Umpires, Race Management, Coaches and Instructors, and other Race Officials.
  8. To enforce best practices on environmental protection and sustainability.
  9. To ensure healthy operations, finance and corporate governance.
  10. To be an employer of choice.