9 COURSES 9 National Umpire Programme

National Umpire

The Hong Kong National Umpire Programme provides a framework for developing new umpires. It also allows HKG NUs to be recognised overseas, leading to opportunities for working internationally and gaining wider experience. Potentially a NU could later qualify as an International Umpire (IU), after further development.


To be appointed as a NU, a candidate should:

  1. Be a member of HKSF
  2. Have successfully completed a World Sailing umpire clinic or IU seminar, or attended a seminar based on the World Sailing National Umpire package, conducted by a suitably experienced person (such a seminar to be approved by the Judges and Umpires committee in advance). The course instructor of the course attended would be required to confirm that the attendee had successfully completed the course.
  3. Have umpired in at least 4 events during the 2 years before application (each 5 matches in a multi match event count as one event for this purpose)
  4. Have their on the water performance assessed by a person who has qualified as an IU as being of the level expected of an NU
  5. Pass an approved written test (initially to be that developed by World Sailing for NU qualification) to demonstrate rules knowledge at the required level.

Applicants who satisfy 1, 2, and 5 above may be appointed as Provisional National Umpires pending completion of 3 and 4.

Initial qualification would be for a period of 24 months.

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If you are interested in  becoming a National Umpire please get in touch.

Annual Renewal

To renew their qualification an NU would be required to umpire in at least 4 events or for at least 20 matches during the year. Details of these event/matches, together with a report from a person who has qualified as an IU that they have performed at NU standard for at least one event must be submitted with the renewal request.

It is the intention of the renewal criteria that a person seeking renewal should be able to demonstrate that they have been active in match/team racing at an adequate level during the year. Based on experience in operating the scheme, the Judges and Umpires committee may modify these criteria in the light of maintaining adequate standards, and of practicality.

Updated 27 Nov 2019

List of currently approved National Umpires

Name Status Next renewal date
David Fan IU 30/10/2026
Alain Choi Hok Lung NU 31/05/2023