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9 COURSES 9 PVOC 2 Course

Pleasure VessEL Operators Certificate  Grade 2 Course

The HKSF has an alternative route to the Marine Department Grade II Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate of Competency. Candidates who satisfactorily complete our course and pass the in-house exam will have their Certificates issued by Marine Department,

Advantages of the HKSF course include:

  • The course content follows the Marine Department syllabus, with particular emphasis on issues relating to pleasure vessels under 15m in length.
  • The examination is set internally with questions directly related to the course content.
  • Don’t have to arrange separate exam schedule from PEAK
  • Confirmed course and exam schedule during the course application, around 4 elapsed weeks including examation.

Good command of written and spoken English is a requirement for enrolling on the course. The course is conducted entirely in English.

Registration for the course is completed when payment is received.

Course Details

Dates, Schedule and Pricing


Course Schedules


19th January – 22nd February 2024

ScheduleEnrolment Form

10th November – 8th December 2023 FULL


1st September – 29th September 2023


21st July – 18th August 2023


14th June – 17th July 2023 FULL


11th April – 4th May 2023 FULL


3rd March – 3rd April 2023 FULL


3rd February – 3rd March 2023 FULL


3rd January – 31st January 2023 FULL


Course Information & Syllabus

Course Structure

  • There are ten teaching sessions, each lasting three hours.
  • There are exercises set by the instructor which must be completed satisfactorily.
  • The course comprises Part A (Navigation and Seamanship) and Part B (Safety and Engineering Knowledge).

Topics covered in Part A include:

  1. Basic nautical terms
  2. Handling characteristics and limitations of small craft
  3. Anchoring
  4. Pre -departure and post-arrival checks
  5. Chart work, position fixing, pilotage and passage planning
  6. Tides
  7. Operating in restricted visibility, including the use of radar
  8. Local knowledge and regulations
  9. The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea
  10. Safety equipment
  11. Storm signals and weather
  12. Use of VHF radio.
  13. Marine Department services
  14. Emergency situations

Topics covered in Part B include:

  1. Inboard petrol and diesel engines and associated systems
  2. Outboard engines
  3. Pre-start and post-shutdown engine checks
  4. Engine operation
  5. Batteries and electrical equipment
  6. Bilge pumps and bilge pump systems
  7. Trouble shooting and repairs at sea
  8. Maintenance
  9. Safe operation of deck equipment
  10. Fire fighting and fire prevention
Student Guidelines

Prospective students – please read the important guidelines below before applying:

1. Students must be at least 18 years of age.

2. At least two hours of home study will be required after each session. Students must ensure they make time available for this.

3. Course material will be supplied and must be collected from HKSF in Olympic House, So Kon Po, before the start of the course.

4. Students missing more than one hour of a session will be regarded as absent for that session. Students who are recorded as absent for more than two of the ten sessions will not be permitted to take the examination.

5. Homework assignments must be completed and are assessed. All assignments must be submitted by deadlines set by the instructor. Students who do not submit homework assignments on time, or who fail to achieve a reasonable standard in their homework assignments, will not be permitted to take the examination.

6. Students are required to complete Part A and Part B of the examination and must achieve a passing mark of 70% in both Parts.

7. If a student fails a Part or Parts of the examination but his/her overall score is over 50%, he/she will be offered a resit of that Part or Parts of the examination on the Resit Exam date scheduled. Students who are absent from an examination/resit will NOT be offered a replacement examination/resit. If a student’s overall score in both parts is below 50%, he/she will not be permitted to resit the examination and will have to take the course again.

8. For classroom sessions (and examinations), if Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 or higher and/or the Black Rainstorm warning is hoisted at 3:00pm on the date of the class or examination, the class or examination will be cancelled and all candidates will be informed of an alternate date in due course.

9. HKSF reserves the right to reschedule or cancel sessions, in which case notice will be given by email.

10. Marine Department require that candidates undertake an eyesight test for vision and colour before the license will be issued. Candidates should approach a registered medical practitioner or registered optometrist for the test. Candidates may take the eyesight test prior to or after the course. Details of an HKSF recommended Optometrist are available on the website.

11. Students who pass the internal HKSF examination will be issued a recommendation letter. This can be exchanged at Marine Department for the Grade 2 Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate of Competency upon submission of the required documents and payment.

12. The course will normally be held at Olympic House in So Kon Po. There will be ten sessions of three hours each. The examination will normally be held at Olympic House.

Please note that the medium for teaching the course is English. Good command of English in understanding, reading and writing is required.

IMPORTANT: Interested participants are advised to make sure they can comply with the course schedule before they submit their applications. Once enrolment is confirmed the fee paid is not refundable.

If you are not sure where to carry out the vision test for application for or renewal of the PVOC 2 license you could consider the optometrist listed below. However, any optometrist or medical practitioner should be able to carry out the test.

Mr. Siu Chi Chung
Flat A, 7/F, Vulcan House, 21-23 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2382 5519
Email: [email protected]

Vision Test for Pleasure Vessel Operator’s Certificate:
HK$300 including the issue of the Certificate.
By Appointment Only
Opening Hours: (10:00am-7:00pm)

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