Sailing is a fun, safe, inclusive and affordable sport that welcomes participation from people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. There are many different ways to get started in sailing, and many different types of boats to do it in. Boats can be split into two main categories, Big Boats (Yachts) or Small Boats (Dinghies), either can be mono hull or multi hull.  Do you want to experience the excitement of Racing or the more relaxed life of Cruising? If you want something even closer to the water and full of excitement, why not try Windsurfing or Kiteboarding Take a look at the different types of sailing and boats available.

What To Sail

What To Sail

What are Dinghies?

Dinghies are small open sailing boats which are great for day sailing, having fun and racing. They are a popular, affordable and exciting way of getting afloat.

Nearly all of the sailing clubs and Training Centres will use sailing dinghies making them really accessible.

Dinghies can be single or double-handed boats, they are perfect  for developing your skills & build your experience. They range from the very straightforward type perfect for beginners to the highly technical boats suitable for advanced sailors.

What are Keelboats?

Keelboats are open sailing boats with a keel under their hull. Keelboats offer more space and stability than dinghies and catamarans and allow activities like trips or racing for people who like to keep (relatively) dry. Keelboats allow you to sail with a number of other people. This, and exciting performance, is why keelboats now make up some of the biggest and most active racing fleets. In Hong Kong our most popular keelboat class is the J/80.

What are Catamarans?

Catamarans, often referred to in racing as Multihulls, are sailing boats with two hulls, these two hulls are connected by a bridge deck or struts with a soft "trampoline" on smaller boats. Catamarans offer fast exciting sailing and while they are great when used for racing, due to their speed and stability they make great family boats for trips or just to have some fun. Two popular racing classes in Hong Kong are Hobie 16 and Formula 18 Catamarans.

Cruising Catamarans

Cruising CatamaranThese are based on this same principle but have large hulls that can fit many cabins inside, and house large structures on the bridge deck (like a galley, salon and living area). Sailing a catamaran is very similar to sailing a monohull in most aspects. If you learn to sail on a monohull, most of the skills are easily transferable. 

Dinghy Sailing

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HKG Windsurfing


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Kiteboarding in HK


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What to Sail


Racing generally involves a group of boats all setting off at the same time and aiming to be the first across the finish line. There are many types of racing, from one-person dinghies around a short course of buoys close to the shore to 100-foot catamarans racing around the world. Most races in Hong Kong take a few hours on a weekend.


Cruising, is a recreational form of sailing that  can involve sailing around Hong Kong’s beautiful coastline, day sails to beaches, overnight stays at anchor or crossing seas and Oceans. For the most part, it’s pretty relaxed although covering longer distances can involve sailing non-stop for days, or if you’re crossing an ocean, weeks.

Learn to Sail

The HKSF Learn to Sail Scheme is a great way to start sailing, and does not require Club membership. Take a look at our courses and pathways.

Sailing Clubs

There are many recognised  Sailing Clubs, Centres  and Associations around Hong Kong that teach Sailing Courses for both beginners and advanced.