The two-day Hong Kong Laser National Championships 2023 finished on 29th Jan

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A total of 38 boats signed up for the event. Races on the first day were successfully completed, but unfortunately the races on the second day were cancelled due to a lack of wind. The results of the first day were used as the final results.
In the results of the ILCA 7 division, Tommy Wong (HKSI / HHYC) placed 1st and won all 3 races, Thomas Armisteadi (RHKYC) and David Salembier (RHKYC) placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.
As for the ILCA 6 division, Isamu Sakai (RHKYC) won 2 out of 3 races and placed 1st in the division. Charles Robinson (HKSI) won 2nd place, and Henry Higgins representing Royal Saint George Yacht Club and RHKYC won 3rd place. Aiesha Shekhar (HKSI / RHKYC) placed 1st in the ILCA 6 Women division.
In the ILCA 4 division, Daniel Chan (HKSI) won 1st place. Female sailor Ziyan Huang (HKSI / RHKYC) and Seb van Ommeren (HKSI / HHYC) both finished 3 races with 7 points. They both finished 1st in one of the races. However, Ziyan placed 2nd and 4th in other races and Seb placed 3rd in both of the other races. Therefore, Ziyan placed 2nd and Seb finally placed 3rd. Ziyan also placed 1st in the ILCA 4 Women and ILCA 4 Junior U15 division.
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