Hong Kong 29er teams did well at the 29er UK National & Open Championships 2023

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3 teams of the Hong Kong national sailing teams entered the gold fleet. Cameron Law (ABC) & Christopher Lam (ABC) ranked 1st in the junior division and finished 11th overall. The other two teams who entered the gold fleet were Emily Polson (RHKYC) & Tiffany MAK (ABC), and Jamie Tsang & Mak Cheuk Wing. Emily and Tiffany ranked 3rd in both the female teams and junior division and finished 24th overall. Jamie and Wing finished 6th in the female teams and 43rd overall.
The final results of the Hong Kong 29er teams are as follows:
Cameron Law (ABC) & Christopher Lam (ABC) – 1/23 in junior and 11/92 in overall
Emily Polson (RHKYC) & Tiffany MAK (ABC) – 3/17 in female, 3/23 in junior and 24/92 in overall 24/92
Jamie Tsang & Mak Cheuk Wing – 6/17 in female and 43/92 in overall
Raphael Mak (RHKYC) & Louis Polson (RHKYC) – 13/46 in silver and 59/92 in overall
Ethan Kong (ABC) & Aaron Dampier (ABC) – 16/46 in silver and 62/92 in overall
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