Women’s Sailing Festival

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World Sailing, Hebe Haven Yacht Club, Sailability HK -

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Hebe Haven Yacht Club, Hong Kong SAR China

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Hebe Haven Yacht Club with Sailability HK, is inviting everyone to have fun at the global women’s sailing festival titled ‘Steering the Course’ in May!  Join the club from Friday May 21st to Sunday 30th for a number of interesting on-and-off-water activities and events that encourage and incentive participation by women and girl in sailing.

World Sailing, supported by IOC Development Fund, have launched the event to introduce women and girls worldwide to the sport of sailing, and encourage alternative pathways for those already within the sport, such as coaching or officiating. The festival, held over 10 days will bring together sailing communities from all backgrounds, as well as events taking place in multiple countries at the same time. From dinghies to keelboats and windsurfing to kiteboarding, all disciplines are welcome to be part of the festival. HK Sailing Federation (HKSF), is also supporting the event.

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