Destination Home Kong – Soko Island

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Thanks to information shared from some of Hong Kong’s cruise lovers, we have launched a new section “Destination Home Kong” to introduce some of the amazing sailing places across the different waters of Hong Kong. Our first destination is an introduction to the Soko Islands provided by Amanda Chen.
Words/Photos: Amanda Chen
The Sokos comprise 11 islands, the main ones being North and South Soko Islands. Typically, yachts anchor on the north side of South Soko Island and that is also where Discovery Bay Yacht Club hosts its annual Sokos under the Stars. There’s a jetty, concrete paths and picnic tables. There’s also an easy walk up to a small pond. Personally, the only upside of South Soko is the data connectivity. Despite being further away from Lantau, it has much better coverage than North Soko for those who are ‘working from home’.
Weather permitting, however, the south side of North Soko Island is our preferred anchorage because it is more fun ashore – a wide expanse of sandy beach, access to firewood and an short walk up to the station above the Low-level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility which has 360 degree views of Lantau and the neighboring islands (and also the only spot where you will find decent network coverage). The hiking map published by the Lands Department also shows a trail across the isthmus to what is meant to be a smaller but even nicer beach but you probably need a machete to get past some very prickly plants and their hooks. Fellow yachties highly recommend that beach which is on our list for summer cruising when the southerlies kick in.
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