America’s Cup Prada Challenge

by | 24/01/2021 | Racing News, Sailing Bulletin, World News

The America’s Cup Prada Challenge has been a very exciting affair so are and promises to stay so. The American’s are the first nation to go home after their defeat by the Italians who have won the right to Challenge UK’s Ineos team for the Prada Cup.  The winner of the Cup will go on to Challenge New Zealand in the America’s Cup on March 6th.

There has been a lot of drama so far, with American Magic capsizing, proving that anything can happen in this incredibly exciting race. The boats are on foils this year and hitting 50 knots.

For a good round up of what’s happened so far check out the official website or Yachting World who have some great news articles on all the races so far, including How To Follow the America’s Cup Prada Final

You can watch the races both live and recorded on the official website, as well as on YouTube.