HKSF Feeder Scheme – Youth Learn to Sail 2021 is coming

by | 02/06/2021 | Learn to Sail, Local News, Post Archive, Youth Sailing

The summer is near, it is time for us to make a splash together! As HKSF Feeder Scheme – Youth Learn to Sail received overwhelming support from parents and youngsters last year, the youth course is coming back this year. And it will start accepting applications on June 2, and the earliest course will begin on July 15. Youngsters are welcome to join the course, experiencing the sailing adventure for the very first time during this hot season.
Subsidised by LCSD, Feeder Scheme is a grass-roots learn-to sail programme for youth in the age of 8 to 12 specifically, young participants are expected to learn about basic skills of competitive sailing at the minimum, building a solid foundation for continuous development. Students can apply for courses of further levels after passing the assessment, to advance their skills, and ultimately have the qualifications to pursue the opportunities of club squads or regional trainings.
Want to apply or know more about the full list of course levels, schedules and application method, please click HERE or refer to this page for further information.
Or please contact us at: