Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam Race

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Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

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The Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam Race 2023 is organised by the RHKYC and will be run under the auspices of RORC and the RORC Offshore Special Regulations.

It is a challenging, predominantly downwind, 673nm fast passage to Nha Trang, on the south-eastern coast of Vietnam – the race is recognised as a qualifying race for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

The Race was first run in 1996 and then regularly since 2004. Both the monohull and multihull race records were broken in the 2019 edition of the race with Bryon Ehrhart’s Lucky setting a new monohull race record of 41h 30m 20s and Meitatsu Fukumoto / Seng Huang Lee’s SHK Scallywag Fuku settng a new multihull race record of 30h 09m 27s.

A popular tourist destination in its own right, Nha Trang also offers a great revictualling point for boats intending to continue on to other seasonal sailing events in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

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