Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

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The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

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Enoshima Yacht Harbour, Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo 2020

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Sailing competitions at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are scheduled to take place from 25 July to July 31 2021 at the Enoshima Yacht Harbor in Enoshima.

Though the date has changed to 2021, the event will still be known as Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Sailing has a long history in the Olympic Games. The sport made its debut in 1900; with the exception of 1904, it has appeared at every Olympic Games since then. The sport’s name was changed from ‘Yachting’ to ‘Sailing’ at the Sydney 2000 Games.

Olympic Sailing features a variety of craft, from dinghies and keelboats to windsurfing boards. The programme at Tokyo 2020 will include two events for both men and women, three for men only, two for women only and one for mixed crews:

Fri July 23: Opening Ceremony
Sun July 25 to Fri Aug 04: Sailing Events 
Sun Aug 08: Closing Ceremony

Event Programme

  • RS:X – Windsurfer (Men/Women)
  • Laser – One Person Dinghy (Men)
  • Laser Radial – One Person Dinghy (Women)
  • Finn – One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) (Men)
  • 470 – Two Person Dinghy (Men/Women)
  • 49er – Skiff (Men)
  • 49er FX – Skiff (Women)
  • Nacra 17 Foiling – Mixed Multihull


The mixed Nacra 17 Foiling – Mixed Multihull and women-only 49er FX – Skiff, events were first staged at Rio 2016.

Each event consists of a series of races. Points in each race are awarded according to position: the winner gets one point, the second-placed finisher scores two, and so on. The final race is called the medal race, for which points are doubled. Following the medal race, the individual or crew with the fewest total points is declared the winner.

During races, boats navigate a course shaped like an enormous triangle, heading for the finish line after they contend with the wind from all three directions. They must pass marker buoys a certain number of times and in a predetermined order.

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