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09:00 am – 05:00 pm

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Hong Kong Sailing Federation

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Hebe Haven Yacht Club, Hong Kong SAR China

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The HKSF is currently developing a scheme for Sailing Race Management. The purpose of this scheme is to train of Sailing Race Officers and introduce them to all aspects of being a Race Officer in your Club or Watersports Centre. The courses will provide participants knowledge and skills needed.

The course will be conducted over a 8 hour period with no practical sessions. After attending the course and before being fully accredited and certified by the HKSF, the participant will be required to be an Assistant Race Officer during four events over a twenty-four months period. The Race Officer in charge on each day will confirm in writing which required standards the student has met. (Note: The student is required to keep and submit a “Student Record Sheet” as proof, which can be found on the HKSF website).

For further information about course syllabus, schedule and application, please refer directly to HERE.

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