2021 Summer Kite Hydrofoil GPS Speed ​​Race

2021 Summer Kite Hydrofoil GPS Speed ​​Race

Event description from Hong Kong Kiteboarding Federation:

The competition division:
1. Maximum speed (limited to 30 km within the race schedule, can be less than 35 km but not more than 35 km. See Figure 1)
2. Highest segment speed (1 km per segment. 30 segments for 30km. See Figure 2)
Competition method:
1. Participant is to complete any 30 km route within Hong Kong waters using a kite and hydrofoil. Track should be recorded by a GPS positioning device.
2. After completing the schedule, submit the gps record to the Federation ([email protected]) or screenshot of whatsapp Davy 92884571.
3. Please clearly state the name and date of the contestant in the email and whatsapp
4. Data will be judged and published by the Federation
From May 1st to August 31st, a duration of 4 month will consist 4 competition cycle, i.e. one complete month per competition cycle. A ranking table will be announced every month, and the summer end result not be announced until the end of August!
1. Each participant can compete in unlimited times in each competition cycle. Records are to be selected and submitted by the contestants themselves.
2. If a participant submits more than one record, the club will only use the highest record as the competition result.
3. Only first 30 kilometers of each record is considered as the race result.
4. Records over 30 kilometers will be ignored
Remark 1: Due to the possibility of unreasonable data appearing on electronic instruments, the final result will be subject to the jury!
Remark 2: Due to limited resources, the Federation will provide one GPS watch for participants to use! Welcome to contact Hoitin or Davy to arrange the use! !

Event Information

}  May 01, 2021 to August 31, 2021
  Saturday, 11:29 pm to 11:29 pm
n  Local Events, Local Racing
  [email protected]

Event Organizer

   Hong Kong Kiteboarding Federation
  [email protected]

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