Club-owned or club co-owned J80s

  • A base handicap of 1050 shall apply for the first race entered on a J80 by any skipper.
  • The handicap of any such skipper will then be adjusted according to performance and will appear as an individual handicap for that skipper at the end of the HKPN list.
  • The skipper does not necessarily have to helm.
  • Skippers shall inform the Organising Authority (OA) of their name before each race. This may be achieved by hailing the committee boat and advising the Race Officer if not already achieved through race entry.
  • If no skipper’s name is given to the OA before a race, the base handicap will apply for that race.
  • An OA shall specify in a Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions what conditions apply to club-owned or club co-owned J80’s for entry into a race series.