Qualification as a Club Judge

To be appointed as an CJ, a candidate should:

  1. Be a member of HKSF
  2. Have completed the HKSF Club Judge or National Judge seminar, or an IJ seminar package, conducted by a suitably experienced person. The instructor of the course attended would be required to confirm that the attendee had successfully completed the course.
  3. Have in the 24 months prior to application sat on protest committees at 4 qualifying events* in Hong Kong during which they heard a minimum of 4 valid protests, including at least one national protest committee** in Hong Kong or overseas which heard at least one valid protest which is chaired by the candidate.
  4. Have their performance when sitting on a national protest committee assessed by the Chairman as being of the level expected of a CJ.
  5. A person who has passed the written test but not yet obtained the experience required in 3) or 4) above may be qualified as a Provisional Club Judge (PCJ)